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Moyville, Rathfarnham

The Facts

Type: Residential
Date: July 2013
Location: Moyville, Rathfarnham, Dublin
Size: 56m2
Work: Gravel Driveway, Sandstone Path, Steps, Planting and Bin Area

The Brief

Our brief was remove the existing tarmac and concrete and to widen the entrance to the driveway. We were also to create a area were the bins were to be stored out of view both from the road and the living room window. New steps were to be installed.

The Result

We moved the pier creating a more generous entrance. We placed a tobermore bracken sett apron to retain the gravel. Using a tobermore kerbstone border to gentle curve up to the new sandstone pathway of the house.This border also defined the planting and bin area. We created a small curved path to access the bins and installed a low curved fence to hide the bins from view. The original step was quiet steep. Widening and adding another step made the entrance more gradual and safer.